Welcome to the Journey Continues!

As we all know, the journey will end one day for all of us. Until then, I will continue to live life to the fullest and hope that the journey is far from over.

What is a journey without a few hiccups along the way?  The journey is not about being perfect. It is about trying to create and enjoy new experiences throughout your entire life. Not waiting until you retire, or feel you have enough money in the bank, or waiting for the kids to go off to college, move out of the house or some other excuse to put off trying something new.

We all get into daily routines that can sometimes last months or years. I am making a promise to myself to make sure I break those routines when they occur, and to try an experience something new at least once a week if not every day. It may be something as little as trying something new to eat, drink, or watch on TV.  The point is, to try and experience something new each and every opportunity you have.

I hope you will join me on your own journey of new experiences. Who knows, one day our paths may cross in person and not just here in cyberspace.

Let the journey continue….             


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