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Do You Own A Day Spa?

Day Spa

Do you sell CBD products to your customers? Do you know what your liability exposure is?

More and more Day Spas are starting to sell CBD products to their customers. CBD products can generate a nice recurring revenue stream for Day Spas, but what is your liability?

Are you buying and selling CBD Isolates or CBD with THC? Are you buying CBD products wholesale and white labeling them under your own brand? Are you manufacturing your own CBD products?

We are seeing Spas create their own CBD products or buying bulk products wholesale and white labeling them with their Spa Brand. Both of these options bring much higher liability exposure to the Day SPA over buying high-quality CBD products wholesale (or below wholesale) from a reputable company with  CBD products and re-selling them like other products in your Spa.

When you create your own CBD products or white label a third party suppliers products, you become the manufacturer and you become more liable if someone gets sick or has a reaction to the products. Your liability insurance costs are also typically higher than if you are just re-selling someone else’s products.

If you sell CBD products under your own brand, have you checked with your insurance carrier to make sure you are covered?   Your standard Day Spa policy may not cover you for losses from products you manufacture or sell under your own brand. Do you get third-party lab results on the products you create?

The purpose of selling CBD products is to help benefit your customers, but it is also to generate additional revenue for your Spa. If the cost of insurance and/or liability exceeds the benefit of selling CBD then why do it?

The advantage of using a third party supplier like MyCBDchoices | CTFO is that you have less liability, you have less out of pocket expenses, you can offer more products, carry less inventory, and they keep the manufacturing risk exposure.

In addition, CTFO provides:

  • Third Party Lab Testing on Products
  • They are PETA Friendly
  • They use GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Facilities
  • Organic and Non-GMO
  • Their Products are Made In The USA

More and more CBD products are being developed that could benefit your Spa and its customers. When you package products under your own brand you have to spend additional time keeping up with regulatory changes, product quality control, lab testing results, insurance coverage and more.

Let show you how you can generate more CBD sales revenue, quicker, easier, more cost effective, and safer with our proven turnkey system.

Joe Medrano, ARM, CCBDC
P: 800.765.7233   Ext 855

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