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What is CELLUVie®

What is CelluVie and what are its benefits?

What is CELLUVie®?
CELLUVie® is a proprietary formulation of undenatured whey protein isolate specific to CTFO containing the precursors that signal our bodies to produce more Intracellular Glutathione. When our Glutathione levels stay elevated, your body is more able to fight off free radicals, reduce oxidative stress and improve cellular health. Healthy Glutathione levels help delay the aging process, increase youthful energy and delay skin aging from the inside

What is glutathione?
Each of your cells contains glutathione, a substance created from three amino acids: cysteine, glutamate, and glycine. Glutathione is known as a master antioxidant and supports your immune function and detoxification at the intracellular level. It is a tripeptide produced by your own cells necessary to sustain life. Glutathione levels fall as we age. This could result in low energy, joint discomfort, foggy brain, low immunity and poor sleep.

Why can’t a person take glutathione supplements?
Generally, glutathione taken orally gets destroyed by stomach acids in the gut and never reaches the cells.

How does CELLUVie® support the increase in glutathione levels?
CELLUVie® acts as a precursor, a substance that is more easily transported through the gut and ultimately into your cells where it supports the production of glutathione.

How is CELLUVie® different from other whey protein isolates?
This is a proprietary formulation made only for CTFO. It has the highest bioavailability when compared to other whey protein isolates. We use undenatured whey protein which derives its whey from milk, and not from the by-product of the cheese-making process, like most other whey proteins.

CELLUVie® is known to be less expensive than other high-end why proteins and up to 50% more bioavailable. It contains the highest serving of cysteine and protein per 100g of CELLUVie®, while having the least amount of lactose.

Why do we use undenatured whey protein?
Undenatured whey protein has not been processed from whey, but directly from milk, this allows for the maximum glutathione producing benefits. Undenatured whey also uses a cold filtration process, leaving all of its natural benefits intact.

Does CELLUVie® use a proprietary manufacturing process?
We have our very own unique manufacturing process developed by our scientific team backed by over 20 years of knowledge. The unique process enhances a balance of specific peptides formulated to maximize the Glutathione producing benefits.

Generally during the manufacturing process of other whey protein isolates, heating and pasteurization are used. This causes the essential links that include the cysteine molecule to break, thereby reducing or destroying the same protein that serves to increase Glutathione levels.

How do I know that CELLUVie® is of good quality?
CELLUVie® is beyond “good quality”. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in the United States established a method, known as the Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS), which is now internationally recognized. According to this method, an ideal protein will have a value of 1.0. The PDCAAS of CELLUVie® is 1.14, which significantly exceeds the FAO’s requirement.

I’m lactose intolerant. Can I use CELLUVie®?
CELLUVie® has a content of lactose of less than 1%. This means that it’s absolutely undetectable to the body and there’s no risk of discomfort, even in the worst cases of lactose intolerance.

Can people with a milk allergy take CELLUVie®?
This is a rare condition only 1 out of 1.5 million children are born with. It is unlikely you would be asked, as mothers know to stay away from proteins, but these children should not take the product.

How long will one bag of CELLUVie® last me?
The CELLUVie® bag has 30 scoops. We recommend 1 scoop per day to help maintain optimal health and vitality. We advise that you start on the 3-2-1 protocol for better results. This is referred to as “front loading”. This is where you take 3 scoops a day for the first 15 days, then 2 scoops a day for the next 15 days, and then on to 1 scoop a day after that. This means that the first bag will only last 10 days. We always advise for first time buyers to purchase three bags (our discounted loading serving package) in order to get optimal results and then enroll on Auto-ship for one bag per month.

Who should NOT use CELLUVie®?
People who are allergic to the milk protein should not use CELLUVie®, however, milk allergies are extremely rare. Please note that being “lactose intolerant” does not mean having a milk allergy. Any recipient of an organ transplant and following an immunosuppressive therapy should consult their general practitioner prior to using CELLUVie®.

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Did You Know?

Every single one of your cells is attacked 10,000 times a day by toxins and pollutants.


The stress on your liver and kidneys can be catastrophic.

Glutathione acts like a power wash for your cells —flushing the toxins from your organs and tissues.

Think about the toxins you’re exposed to every day. Air pollution enters your lungs and goes straight to your bloodstream. Manufactured foods are filled with chemicals you can’t even pronounce. You couldn’t avoid them all if you tried.

Meats and poultry are often filled with antibiotics or hormones to help the animals grow faster. Fish and shellfish can flood your system with mercury, heavy metals, or PCBs.

Vegetables and fruits are often sprayed with pesticides and anti-mildew agents. Even organic versions can have “natural” pesticides that can be toxic to your cells.

Prescription drugs contain chemicals that can have dozens of negative effects on your cellular health.

Even the water you drink can be filled with chemicals.

Then you have to consider the toxic impact of stress, lack of exercise, or even a lack of sunlight in some cases. Every last one of these toxic events generates an assault force of free radicals. This toxic assault can have a devastating effect on your health and longevity.

Your liver and kidneys can literally become clogged with toxic junk from our modern lifestyle.

So what’s the solution?

Glutathione of course.


Glutathione is the most profoundly powerful detoxifier on Earth.

It’s 5,000 times more powerful than any other antioxidant known to science. In fact, a University of Michigan study found this powerful molecule is responsible for at least 24% of your good health as you age. (Shockingly, an estimated 86% of Americans suffer unknowingly from a glutathione deficiency).

You encounter more than 500 chemicals and toxins every day. You have more than 200 toxins in your body right now. Glutathione grabs these toxins so they’re flushed down the toilet.

Even more remarkable, glutathione is an intracellular detoxifier. That means it works to clean up and rejuvenate your body at the cellular level.

When most people think of a detoxifier, they think of a colon cleanse or something similar. Glutathione goes a million miles beyond that.

Here’s how it works…

When a toxin-triggered free radical encounters glutathione, the two are magnetically bound together.

As a result, the free radical is rendered instantly harmless. Then your body simply flushes away the toxin once and for all. And your liver, kidneys, organs, and whole-body breathe a giant sigh of relief.

There’s just one problem.

After age 25, your glutathione production plummets at a rate of 1% EVERY year!

Scientists believe it’s this constant assault of free radicals and falling glutathione levels that are the primary triggers for illness and decline as you age.

So why not just take a glutathione supplement? If only you could. . .

Any Google search will find dozens of brands of glutathione on the market, but they all share one serious problem. You could swallow ordinary glutathione supplements by the handful with almost ZERO benefits.


Because glutathione is a very small protein molecule that’s easily digested by the stomach. Any glutathione that manages to survive your stomach acid is almost completely lost in the digestive tract.

There is, however, a breakthrough new product you need to know about…


CelluVie® is an exclusive product to CTFO that has the highest bioavailability on the market and

is backed by a full no-quibble 60-day Money Back Guarantee!

Contact us at 800.765.7233 if you would like more information.



Dr Mark Hyman | Glutathione – “The Most Important Molecule You Need To Stay Healthy!”

Doctor Mark Hyman is a practicing family physician, a ten-time #1 New York Times best selling author, and an internationally recognized leader, speaker, educator, and advocate in his field.

He is the Head of Strategy and Innovation at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine. He is a regular medical contributor on many television shows including CBS This Morning, Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, and The View, Katie, and The Dr. Oz Show.

Doctor Hyman says “Glutathione is the most important molecule you need to stay healthy and prevent disease — yet you’ve probably never heard of it.

It’s the secret to prevent aging, heart disease, dementia and more, and necessary to treat everything from autism to Alzheimer’s disease.

There are more than 89,000 medical articles about it — but your doctor doesn’t know how to address the epidemic deficiency of this critical life-giving molecule”.

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